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Get a garage you’ll be happy to work in with garage epoxy flooring systems from Ideal Closet & Garage in Colorado Springs. This unique flooring surface uses a three-layer application process to maximize performance and longevity while maintaining its high-gloss shine.  With a hybrid-polymer epoxy base coat that’s twice as thick as the competition’s and that cures harder for the ultimate abrasion resistance and to absorb greater impacts, the elements simply don’t stand a chance against our premium garage flooring.

Our garage flooring comes in 16 different styles and can be installed in just two days. Perfect for kids and pets, the epoxy is oil and stain-resistant and can hold the weight of a vehicle in just 72 hours – your garage will be ready to go in no time! This low-maintenance surface is perfect for creating a finished look without the hassle of tile or mats.

Ideal Closet & Garage offers some of the most innovative garage flooring in Colorado Springs. Let us help you transform your garage into an efficient, functional work space. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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